Responsibilities, Roles, and Rules

Once you have engaged your program partner(s), the next step is to establish the responsibilities, roles, and rules associated with your program for all parties involved. At this stage of implementing your paycard program, you and your partner(s) need to answer all of the following questions:

  • How will employees enroll in the paycard program?
  • What enrollment documents must employees review and sign to participate in the program, and who will design them?
  • Are paycard enrollment documents universal for all states?
  • How long will it take for an employee to receive and activate his or her card?
  • Can the employee request additional cards for family members? If so, who pays for them?
  • How will employees establish their PIN?
  • How and where can employees access their pay?
  • Are wages deposited by the employer into a card account(s) FDIC insured?
  • Are there consumer protections associated with the use of paycards by employees?
  • What exactly are the fees associated with the program and who pays them?
  • Are there any requirements to provide monthly account statements to employees? Or will a typical pay statement suffice?
  • Will pay statements be provided electronically?
  • When an employee has a problem with using their card, who do they call for resolution and what is the expected response time?
  • If an employee's card is lost or stolen, what is the re-issuance procedure?
  • Who is liable for any program system failures?
  • What is the procedure for an employee who wishes to cancel his or her program enrollment?
  • What polices and procedures for ex-employee use of paycards to access previous account balances and final pays?