Money Network®, A First Data Company

Money Network® takes payroll to a whole new level by simplifying payday, streamlining administration and reducing payroll costs. The Money Network solution, which includes a Money Network Visa® Paycard and Money Network® Checks, helps you achieve 100% electronic pay across your organization. Learn more at

Money Network® Advantages
17+ years of experience in payroll distribution
Scalable platform with over 2 million Money Network account holders
Proven methodology used with over 4,000+ employers
Employer Advantages
Reduced payroll production and distribution costs
Ability to achieve 100% electronic pay across your organization
Staff monitors legal and regulatory changes
Online reporting tools available to manage your program
ACH funding of employee accounts using your current process for direct deposit
Employee Advantages
Easy access. Multiple options for employees to access wages at no cost.
Convenience. No need to pick up a payroll check and wait in line to cash it.
Security. Funds are held in a FDIC insured account so employees are protected if their Card is lost or stolen.
Control. Employees can spend only what is available their account, avoiding overdraft fees.
Money Network®