SOLE Financial

At SOLE® Financial we work to empower the unbanked workforce by offering a no-cost alternative to the paper check. The SOLE Visa® Payroll Card eliminates the costs of check printing and distribution for businesses and the expensive hassle of check cashing and money order services for employees.

The paycard is funded as a direct deposit transaction and adapts seamlessly into any existing payroll system. Unlike other payroll card companies, paycards are all we do. Our SOLE focus is our cardholders and the quality education and resources we offer them; our welcome call, mobile access, bill pay, alerts, and in-house bilingual customer service.

Companies who wish to achieve 100% direct deposit to reduce payroll costs.
Companies with a large number of unbanked, underbanked, transient, or seasonal employees.
Companies who wish to provide their employees with an additional benefit.
Reduce overall payroll costs and achieve 100% direct deposit.
Increase payroll efficiencies. Works with any existing payroll program.
Offer employees a valuable benefit.
Gain control over their finances with a SOLE place for all of their money, supported by our education and support.
Keep their money secure; FDIC insured and covered under Visa's Zero Liability Policy.
Save time and money by eliminating the costs and time associated with check cashing and money orders.
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