Wisely Pay by ADP

The world of pay is changing. Wisely™ Pay can help.

With technology and money intertwined, today's employees want more flexible payment options. With Wisely™ Pay you can attract, engage and retain top talent through the convenience and flexibility of 100% electronic pay. Reduce cost and ease administration using innovative technologies and workflows. And do it all with the confidence that comes from partnering with a leader in payroll innovation.

As ADP's own independent pay solutions offering, Wisely™ integrates directly with your payroll system. Through a single provider, you can run full payroll, paying by check, ACH direct deposit and Wisely Pay reloadable prepaid cards – all at once.

With Wisely™, workers have a new way to get paid that helps save time, costs and supports better management and control over their money.

Wisely™ Pay can help you move toward 100% electronic pay while delivering cost savings, a compliant solution with operational ease and other benefits to you and your employees.

  • Single provider for a wide variety of pay expectations
  • Easy to administer with a convenient administrative portal and fund approval workflow
  • Enabled for nationwide compliance to help you achieve 100% paperless pay in all 50 states.
  • Program optimization tools that will help you reach your pay card goals with marketing, training and educational support.
  • Financial wellness tools to help with employee attraction, retention and engagement.

For your employees: Flexibility, freedom and financial savvy.

With Wisely™ Pay and the companion myWisely app, your employees get traditional bank-like features, total spending flexibility and help making responsible financial choices.

  • Save money on fees – With Wisely™ Pay there are no monthly service or overdraft fees, minimum balances, or direct deposit charges.
  • Shop and Pay Bills – Shop and pay by phone, online, and everywhere Visa is accepted including in mobile wallets with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
  • Surcharge-free ATM access – Withdraw cash from over 80,000 ATMs,120,000 over-the-counter bank locations or via cash back at the register of major retail locations nationwide.
  • Manage Money – Check card balance, view transaction history, find ATMs, set up a place to save money and more with the myWisely app.
  • Safe and Secure – Wisely™ Pay cards are protected by an EMV chip, Visa zero Liability policy, geofencing technology and FDIC insurance.

Featured Awards & Industry Recognition

Big Innovation Awards 2019 – Winner

Stevie/ABA Awards 2019 – Winner
Category: People's Choice Awards – For favorite new products

Stevie/ABA Awards 2019 – Silver
Category: Payments Solution

Stevie/ABA Awards 2019 – Silver
Category: FinTech Solution

Golden Bridge Awards 2019 – Silver
Category: B2B Products – Enterprise

HR Technology Conference 2018 – Winner
Category: Awesome New Technology

Wisely Pay by ADP – The Future of Pay